About Harmony Ministries

Harmony Ministries in Middletown, New York, exists as a beacon of hope and faith in the community, with a foundational mission centered on sharing the Gospel and reaching people for Christ.

At its core, our ministry is driven by the belief that the transformative power of the Gospel can uplift, heal, and bring about spiritual renewal for individuals from all walks of life. By actively engaging with the community and fostering an environment of love, acceptance, and spiritual guidance, Harmony Ministries aims to embody the teachings of Christ, inviting people to experience a deep and meaningful relationship with God.

Beyond just evangelism, Harmony Ministries is committed to nurturing a vibrant community of believers who are equipped to live out their faith in practical ways. Through a variety of programs, services, and outreach efforts, the ministry seeks to address the holistic needs of individuals—spiritual, emotional, and physical. In doing so, it not only spreads the message of salvation but also demonstrates the love of Christ through acts of service and compassion. This dual approach ensures that Harmony Ministries not only reaches people for Christ but also supports them in their journey of faith, fostering a thriving spiritual community in Middletown, New York.

Harmony Ministries Building